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Dear Talent:

At George Ortiz Casting /Miami Talento Casting , we try to provide you and your agent with the best information and direction possible to assist you in having a great audition. We want you to book the job!! Casting directors have a great deal of pressure due to deadlines and other responsibilities. This is all part of casting the right talent for the right job. It is your job as a performer to be professional and come prepared to audition. We pride ourselves in our professionalism and expect you to do the same.

Here are a few pointers for you to follow:

1. Be On Time! Be Prepared!

2. Headshots/Comps: Even though we are fully digital, we advise you to bring 1-headshot and resume to every audition. 

3. When you arrive, sign-in and complete the “Casting Information/Size sheet” provided. 

5. Before you ask any questions, look around for any postings (on shoot/callback dates, conflicts, storyboards, etc.) This may answer many questions. If you still need questions answered, you may politely ask the casting assistant behind our front desk. Please keep in mind that casting assistants are also under pressure and should be treated with the same respect and professionalism as the casting director.

6. Please do not call us for directions! Contact your agent or view our "Contact" link or find directions online. 

7. Remember: An audition is a job interview. Professionalism is imperative! How you conduct yourself in an audition may reflect how you conduct yourself on location.

8. Smile & never doubt yourself!


MTC Workshops:  George Ortiz Casting /Miami Talento Casting offers occasional workshops to help you further enhance your casting ability and techniques. Workshops are offering in English or Spanish. We encourage talent to participate in our workshops as well as workshops offered by other legitimate casting directors and acting coaches.

Talent Time Slots & Appointments: We do not make appointments to meet with talent. We rarely call talent directly. We customarily request talent via talent agencies. Requested performers are given a specific time-slot and date to audition. Talent is only requested and seen for specific roles & jobs. Talent that shows up unannounced or without a time-slot from a participating agent, will not be seen.

Thank you. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to meeting all of you at future auditions.


©2019 George Ortiz Casting / Miami Talento Casting, Inc. All rights reserved